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wescaleIT AG is an IT full service provider specializing in the planning and implementation of sophisticated IT and technology projects.

We focus on the wishes, needs and hardships of our customers, while also focusing on optimizing their economic success. The digitalization of global resources, in combination with our PaPCore system and our unique experience in the global IT environment, make us an unbeatable partner for your business.

This novel concept enables us to offer you the possibility to master the challenges of digital transformation in a transparent, scalable and high-margin way. Whether it’s employee leasing, ensuring delivery capability, a shortage of skilled workers or demographic change – we offer the appropriate solutions.

Performance claim

Why do good when you can do better?

The founding members of wescaleIT AG have worked for years in highly specialized, very successful companies.

Our claim was never to be exactly as good as the competition. Rather, we demand of ourselves that we achieve the highest performance for our customers through methodology, processes, inventiveness and established standards in the provision of services.


Solutions since 2015

wescaleIT AG has been operating on the market since 2015. Since then, customers have relied on our know-how, our willingness to perform and our innovative approaches to solutions.

No problem is unsolvable, no challenge insurmountable. This is the reason why wescaleIT is perceived as a problem solver on the market and why many customers implement wescaleIT’s services in their long-term IT strategy. Since 2015, over 50 projects have been successfully implemented in Germany and Switzerland.

<Quote We often hear that working with us is unique and special. In doing so, we only try to always exceed expectations./>

Christina Aberle
Lead Auditor Information Security, wescaleIT AG

Digital Service Container

Making the impossible possible Рwith PaPCore ©

PaPCore© is a virtual service model where employees from all over the world can come together to work collaboratively.

With the help of PaPcore©, we are able to provide professional IT services. Just the way you need it. PaPCore is a development of wescaleIT AG, which makes it possible to combine maximum flexibility, scalability and cost-efficiency and thus provide our customers with a decisive advantage.

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