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<Quote A good operation of IT landscapes can be compared to a healthy heart. If it does not run smoothly, it can end badly./>

Jamy Fritzsche
PMO at wescaleIT AG

Performance, innovation and availability

In most cases, the business success of our customers is significantly influenced by the performance, innovation and availability of their IT.

Many companies have to find a compromise between digitalization and stabilization. Since internal specialists from operational IT are often needed for the further development and modernization of landscapes and processes, bottlenecks arise that we and our teams of experts can resolve for you in the short, medium and long term.

Starting with backup services, server and database operations to the management of your applications or your Microsoft ¬© Azure ¬© cloud environment. We work with you to develop the service that best suits you. 24√ó7 365 days a year and “follow-the-sun” if needed.

Casestudies IT Operations

More than just good results – success stories that need to be told.

Our delivery model is new and unique worldwide. To give you an idea of the possibilities, we have documented some practical examples for you. Children are told stories so that they fall asleep. We tell ours so that you wake up.

Digital Service Container

Making the impossible possible Рwith PaPCore©

PaPCore© is a virtual service container where employees from all over the world come together to work with each other.

With the help of PaPCore© we are able to provide professional IT services in exactly the way you need them. PaPCore© is a wescaleIT AG development that makes it possible to combine maximum flexibility, scalability and cost efficiency, giving our customers a decisive advantage.

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The right answer to every question.

No. PaPCore© is a system of processes, methods and people that are supported by software depending on the service design. This can be provided by you or by us. Depending on the requirements.

Our colleagues come from all over the world. Of course, we do not arbitrarily bring resources to your service team. You decide on the price, delivery locations and other restrictions. We check in several quality gates whether our candidates fit to you and your project.

Our employees speak German and English. However, your contact persons will only speak the language you wish with you. Our experienced service managers are exclusively German native speakers

No. PaPCore© differs fundamentally in its delivery model from outsourcing. In addition, PaPCore© offers unprecedented flexibility and scalability, which are not, or only with great difficulty, possible in outsourcing.

In addition to monetary advantages, PaPCore© also offers the advantage of not having to manage entire teams. Moreover, we are liable for the agreed quality of the service. If you work with freelancers the risk is in your hands.

Due to the service construct, we are liable for the promised quality. If the quality is not met or not met to the full extent, we will pay for it as contractually agreed. However, thanks to our extensive experience, various early warning systems and close management of the service, you can challenge us without worrying.

No. You set the framework and discuss it with your service manager. He or she is responsible for managing the teams and will be happy to discuss any challenges with you. You do not have any points of contact with the teams.

No. We provide services, not employee leasing. Our delivery model is tried and tested and does not overlap with employee leasing.

Once we have designed a service with you, we begin project onboarding. Usually we can start within two weeks. In exceptional cases we can guarantee 4 weeks.

We guarantee the contracted service. In the Service Level Agreements of the contract, the quality you expect is stated and described in detail.

You can decide this flexibly. Of course, we also offer long-term contract terms with monetary benefits. However, we also offer notice periods of 4 weeks to the end of the month. Excluded from this are changes in the project scope, as well as scaling. For large projects, we insist on a minimum term of 3 months from the start of the contract.

Of course, a governance and communication model will be developed together with you during the design process of the service, which will also be part of the contract. For operational issues, we additionally create governance and communication models specifically for the transition.

We can react immediately to a change in requirements and change the team setup within a few days without any disadvantages for you.

No. We design our services to meet your requirements 100%.

In principle, you only need to meet one prerequisite: Openness to new and unknown things.

This cannot be answered in a generalized way. However, we have already been able to achieve savings of 70% compared to competitors.

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