Strategy consulting, consolidation, harmonization and development of delivery organizations

How we strengthened a service portfolio and increased flexibility and efficiency


Our challenge

(Summary of several projects) - Analysis of the existing delivery organizations, consulting regarding strengthening of the existing organization in view of the upcoming tasks, reorganization of the service delivery, harmonization of all IT locations in relation to the chemical/pharmaceutical industry, development and setup of various organizational units.

In detail

Our success story

An IT full service provider (140,000+ employees, 100+ countries), despite its size, repeatedly encounters challenges in the delivery of IT services. An extensive analysis of some areas revealed that there was partly a resource bottleneck and partly a know-how problem in some technologies. Over the past few years, wescaleIT AG has carried out various consulting and strategy projects together with this customer in order to strengthen the service portfolio, increase flexibility and efficiency, and reduce risk in individual delivery units. Projects were carried out on the following topics, among others: Strengthening the service portfolio in the verticals: Retail, Manufacturing, Energy & Transportaition with the help of the digital service container. Establishment & restructuring of the Big Deal organization in the chemical/pharmaceutical sector including harmonization of all German IT locations. Establishment of the automotive sector (Europe) incl. solutions and services. Building on this, the establishment of a European and global delivery organization including the successful implementation of an automotive European offshore office. Employees of wescaleIT AG have not only acted in an advisory capacity in all projects, but have also either provided significant support or carried out implementations themselves.

About wescaleIT

wescaleIT AG is an IT full service provider specializing in the planning and implementation of demanding IT and technology projects. We focus on the wishes, needs and hardships of our customers, with an additional focus on optimizing their economic success.

The digitalization of global resources, in combination with our PaPCore© system and our unique wealth of experience in the global IT environment, make us an unbeatable partner for your business.
This novel concept enables us to offer you the possibility to master the challenges of digital transformation in a transparent, scalable and high-margin way. Whether it’s employee leasing, ensuring delivery capability, a shortage of skilled workers or demographic change – we have solutions.

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