Process management and optimization in infrastructure management

How we were able to sustainably reduce orders in hardware management


Our challenge

Reduction of the backlog, in particular escalated orders, through targeted situation analysis of existing orders and subsequent introduction and implementation of selected methods.

In detail

Our success story

Our customer (financial services provider, 450 employees) was faced with the challenge of sustainably reducing existing orders in hardware management in the near future. First of all, all orders were analyzed by a targeted as-is analysis in the form of a report according to client institute, order type, processor group, escalation level and processor, among other things. The report temporarily serves as the basis for the weekly quality meeting and is constantly updated accordingly. wescaleIT also prepared the presentation for the quality meeting.

In order to analyze possible problems in the processing of orders, discussions were held with the responsible employees. The time factor was listed as a frequent problem, which was also confirmed through extensive analysis by correlating the backlog with the maximum work output that an employee can perform on average per day. Whereupon all employees were informed about their workload in the form of a report, especially time-critical orders. This was to prevent jobs from escalating and possibly incurring penalties based on existing SLAs.

Another challenge was the release of the documentation of the jobs in the respective ticket systems. The customer lacked the necessary resources in this regard, so wescaleIT took over the task without further ado by providing prior training.

About wescaleIT

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