Performance analysis of the entire SAP database infrastructure

How we could reduce the resource requirements of databases with increased performance


Our challenge

One of our customers needed support in the performance analysis of the entire SAP database infrastructure, as well as the development of recommendations for action.

In detail

Our success story

Our customer (retail, 10,000 employees) operates a very large database infrastructure. Due to the historical growth of the infrastructure, there were repeated performance losses in the past. For this purpose, a PaPCore© project was started to analyze each individual SAP database. In a previously defined standardized procedure, the databases were examined and the analysis results were evaluated by our PaPCore© team and optimization measures for improving performance were defined. We chose the same procedure for analyzing the ABAP code. Finally, we evaluated the optimization measures in terms of their impact on the performance to be achieved.

As a result of the project, the resource requirements per database were significantly reduced while performance was increased. In addition, failures due to overload were reduced in the medium and long term through preventive optimization. Indirect effects were the acceleration of service restores after acute performance drops with subsequent initiation of RCA and long-term improvement measures, as well as an accelerated throughput of transactions per time to shorten process runtimes.

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