How we provided a platform to ensure operational excellence


Our challenge

The challenge was to create a data center infrastructure based on the latest IT technologies that would make it possible to provide end customers with a central platform. This was to serve for the creation of highly scalable, flexible but at the same time standardized applications and business processes. The digital transformation as well as all operating systems and end devices were to be supported.

In detail

Our success story

wescaleIT AG was commissioned by a software manufacturer (300 employees) to provide the platform and ensure operational support.

Within the framework of a call for request for proposals, the appropriate service provider was sought on the basis of the challenging requirements for the subsequent operation of the new platform. The requirements were not only of a technical nature, but the new partner should also meet requirements in terms of performance, future orientation and flexibility at our customer, whereby of course the economic aspect should not be ignored.

The project was implemented within 12 months to the satisfaction of both parties. A finished, process-oriented, ISO-certified data center equipped with the latest technology was handed over and began end customer operations.

With this step, our customer ensures the “enabling” of the digital transformation of its customers.

About wescaleIT

wescaleIT AG is an IT full service provider specializing in the planning and implementation of demanding IT and technology projects. We focus on the wishes, needs and hardships of our customers, with an additional focus on optimizing their economic success.

The digitalization of global resources, in combination with our PaPCore© system and our unique wealth of experience in the global IT environment, make us an unbeatable partner for your business.
This novel concept enables us to offer you the possibility to master the challenges of digital transformation in a transparent, scalable and high-margin way. Whether it’s employee leasing, ensuring delivery capability, a shortage of skilled workers or demographic change – we have solutions.

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