Operation of a group-wide backup infrastructure

How we analyzed an IT department and subdivided it according to ITIL


Our challenge

Within a PaPCore© service, tasks from daily operations were to be taken over in order to relieve the internal IT department and reduce costs in the medium term.

In detail

Our success story

Our customer (IT service provider, 900 employees) commissioned wescaleIT to provide a service to relieve the internal IT department and reduce IT costs. For this purpose, the activities of the IT department were analyzed and divided into 1st, 2nd and 3rd level according to ITIL. From then on, wescaleIT took over the monitoring of all backups in daily operations, error detection, diagnosis and correction of these, restart in the event of terminations, escalations in the event of critical failures, coordination of repair measures, monitoring and analysis of backup capacities, as well as monitoring backup performance. After some time, the service was extended to include the implementation of optimization and expansion measures and regular presentations of the health check of the infrastructure and failure hotspots. These routine activities relieve our customer, as well as the employees of the IT department immensely. In addition, the performance was increased through standardized procedures and the backlog, which had accumulated over the years, was worked off. Compared to internal employees, we were quoted a saving of 25%. Compared to external staff, we were able to achieve a savings of 50% through our PaPCore© service.

About wescaleIT

wescaleIT AG is an IT full service provider specializing in the planning and implementation of demanding IT and technology projects. We focus on the wishes, needs and hardships of our customers, with an additional focus on optimizing their economic success.

The digitalization of global resources, in combination with our PaPCore© system and our unique wealth of experience in the global IT environment, make us an unbeatable partner for your business.
This novel concept enables us to offer you the possibility to master the challenges of digital transformation in a transparent, scalable and high-margin way. Whether it’s employee leasing, ensuring delivery capability, a shortage of skilled workers or demographic change – we have solutions.

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